How to Get Noticed by Bloggers with a Large Following

Any attempts you make to increase traffic, gain followers on social media, or build your online reputation must start with getting seen by other people. The best and quickest way to help you stand out is to use the network of bloggers who have a sizable(r) audience.

But using social media is like riding in a raucous, crowded bus. In the cacophony of sounds and people, it is incredibly difficult to stand out. Additionally, frigid techniques are not likely to provide many fruitful outcomes.

Don’t give up though. This article offers some expert advice on how to win some favor with influential bloggers in your area.

1. Comment on Their Blog Posts

blog comment disposkill

This serves as a radar to let famous bloggers know that you are interested in what they write about or in them. You can do this by frequently leaving comments on and favoriting their blog entries.

“You can do so by often commenting and liking their blog posts.”

Additionally, it’s great to go above and beyond and compliment their postings. This shows that you are contributing value to their postings, which is likely to be noticed over time. (Remember that it’s preferable to comment on blog entries with few comments so that your comments are more likely to be viewed.)

2. Share Their Posts

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Sharing the blogs and blog posts of people who have a significant following helps them gain more visibility, but it may also benefit you more, especially if you tag them so they know you shared their blog posts.

“Sharing blogs/blog posts of people with a large following certainly helps them get more exposure, but it might help you gain more too.”

Look for blogs or blog posts with fewer shares or new blogs that haven’t seen much interaction for the greatest outcomes.

3. Provide Reviews for Their Products


Positive ratings that promote other people’s products build a personal connection. One illustration is assessing a membership website, e-book, or online course, among other items.

“An example is reviewing an online course, e-book, or membership site…”

You might start by making a purchase or asking for a free sample in order to provide frank feedback. This will acknowledge your interest in advertising their products while also assisting the individual you are looking to connect with in getting exposure for their goods.

4. Request an Interview

request interview disposkill

Since most bloggers accept requests for interviews, this is the ideal opportunity to ask questions that cannot be answered via email, chat, or phone calls as well as to forge a closer relationship with the well-known blogger.

“It’s rare for bloggers to decline interview requests…”

Additionally, many will advertise the interview and/or include a link to it on their own social media profiles, which will draw the attention of their larger audiences.

5. Link to Their Blogs

link to website disposkill

Every blogger would confirm that discovering links to their material on other websites and blogs is a true thrill. So, wherever possible, utilize this to get the blogger’s attention and earn a link.

“So, use this as a means to get the blogger’s attention and link whenever possible.”

Naturally, be careful not to overuse links, instead, only use them when you believe they make sense and would benefit your content. In this manner, the influential blogger will be able to observe how frequently you link to their content when WordPress sends pingbacks to posts linked to your blogs.

6. Write About the Popular Blogger

write a popular blogs

Yes, they have already achieved “fame.” Additionally, blogging about them increases their fame, which is a win for the majority of powerful bloggers. Efforts like these are also likely to be recognized.

“And writing about them makes them even more famous…and such efforts are unlikely to go unnoticed.”

A written and published reply to one of their posts is also an option. It establishes a rapport while talking about your shared hobbies and demonstrates your appreciation for the effort that helped them accomplish.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, blogging has become a lucrative endeavor for many people, but the trip is difficult – not least because you’re up against plenty of fierce competition, making standing out a problem. It is comparable to attempting to be the only person in a crowded room.

It’s not impossible to accomplish something just because it’s challenging. It simply requires effort, persistence, and application of the aforementioned advice.

Which one is right for you?

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