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Constant Contact Review


$20.00 /Month

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Constant Contact is an impressive blend of functionality and usability. It’s easy to set up and quick to get up and running, with a tailored approach that makes it suitable for marketers of all experience levels, including people who have never used email marketing software before or aren’t familiar with industry concepts. Constant Contact excels in its contact management capabilities…

Price Is Amazing
Ease Of Use
Very Easy To Get Started
Support Is Good

What I Liked


(The Good Things)

What I Disliked


(The Bad Things)

Why We Chose

We chose Constant Contact as the relaxed note marketing software for small businesses because it’s easy to use and offers all of the most spendy features, like A/ B testing, autoresponders, deliverability tools, and a drag-and-drop note editor. These are masses that all businesses need in their note marketing software. FurtherConstant Contact provides note templates, list superintendence, and robust reporting and analytics. You get all of these features for an affordable pricestarting at just $20 per month.

What We Like About Constant Contact

  • It is an affordable email marketing option that can fit within many small businesses’ budgets.
  • It provides all of the key features most small businesses look for in email marketing software.
  • The company offers excellent customer support.

What We Don’t Like About Constant Contact

  • There are no free options.
  • The A/B testing feature is limited.

Ease of Use

Small business Proprietors who are diving into their own marketing need tools that are easy to learn and useConstant Contact fits the bill with its outstanding note editor. We were impressed with how this tool automatically scrubs your website to find your trademarkcolors, and social media memoirsmaking it easy to apply your branding to note pushes. With this information loaded into Constant Contact‘s editor, you can freely customize one of its dozens of templates, which can be saved as ” speeds ” for unborn use. Not all of the other note marketing services we examined offered this functionality.

Constant Contact integrates with multitudinous products – including Excel, Salesforce, and Outlook – to help you rear your note lists. We start that it’s easy to sync your data from these tools to capture contact data, which can be a big timesaver. Constant Contact new formed a union with Vimeo to give stoners the faculty to workhost, and manage videotape within the Constant Contact platformNumerous other services do not offer this videotape option, which can add a whole other element to your marketing work.

The mechanization features of Constant Contact are also easy for small businesses to use. You can configure your service to automatically dispatch emails actuated by specific account bearing, to assure you reach out to consumers at precisely the right time.


Here are some of Constant Contact’s most valuable features for small businesses.

A/B Testing

useful quality of state-of-the-art memorandum marketing software, A/ B split testing allows you to transmit two renditions of the same movement to different sections of your following, to gauge which rendition performs better. Constant Contact‘s A/ B testing quality lets you alter the subject lines when transmitting movements to two test contact groups. After the test period, the better-performing subject line is automatically transmitted to the rest of your following. This tool can be helpful when you are trying to target your movement to ensure it’s hitting all the right notes. Unfortunately, with Constant Contact, A/ B testing is limited to subject lines; you can not use it to test other constituents of a communication.


Constant Contact‘s autoresponder property lets you occasion a series of materialized, automated emails to transmit when certain detector deportments or dates hap. For representatives, these emails may include welcome dispatches for new subscribers and birthday and anniversary emails for subsisting patrons.


Constant Contact’s 97% deliverability rate is impressive, and the company’s website offers numerous resources on email best practices, as well as phrases that may land your campaigns in spam folders.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

Our analysis found that Constant Contact’s email editor makes it easy to add your brand’s colors, logo, and social media accounts simply by allowing the tool to scrub your website. Once your branding is loaded into Constant Contact, you can select a template and edit it using the drag-and-drop tools. First-time users will see a tutorial video to help them navigate the email editor.

Email Templates

Constant Contact users can peruse the platform’s library of dozens of well-designed templates, which are built for both desktop and mobile devices. We found dozens of templates across a range of topics. Each template is fully customizable to your brand.

List Management

With Constant Contactconstructing your mail list is as simple as syncing the program with Outlook, Salesforce, or Excel. We like that you can use labelscognate as ” late customer ” or ” prospect, ” to codify your imported connections. While list control is a standard mail marketing software characteristicConstant Contact makes the import process simpler by automatically removing duplicates and unsubscribed connections. This is not an entity you find in all mail marketing software.

Reporting and Analytics

A note marketing push is only as good as the number of people who tookopened, and clicked through it. Constant Contact offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that display movement results fair incontinently after a memo has been transmitted. You can view open ratesclick rates, the number of emails transmitted, bounces, successful deliveries, unsubscribes, spam reports, and did-not-opens. You can also see which specific links were clicked, as well as social media statistics and pate responses. In addition, the reporting dashboard gives you the option to resend a memo.


Constant Contact‘s two communication marketing plansCommunication and Communication Plus, begin at$ 20 and$ 45 per month, separately. This affordable price can fit into the budgets of outside small businesses. Both plans include all of the necessary tools to effectuate professional communication crusades.

Each plan can accommodate unlimited emails and comes with customizable templates, contact handling, and list-edifice toolspop-up formstracking and reporting features, an image library, and a mobile app. The price of each plan scales according to the total number of connections on your list, with a maximum contact limit of 500 for the minimum-priced plans.
Once you have another than subscribers, you must autograph up for the Mail Plus plan, which accommodates up to subscribers for$ 335 per month. Businesses other than subscribers need to reach out to Constant Contact for a custom citation.

The difference between Mail and Mail Plus lies in the advanced features offered in the finalMail Plus comes with dynamic sign-up formsaccess for up to 10 dopersmail mechanizationevent marketing, online donationscheckupspasses, and some foremost one-on-one confab.

Although there’s no free reading of Constant Contact, it does offer a 60- day free trial – the longest trial period of any dispatch marketing service we reviewed. This free trial, which maxes out at 100 connections, includes all of Constant Contact‘s toolsincluding templates, images, and dispatch editor, contact oversightreporting, and live support.

Implementation and Onboarding

Simply Supply your note address, phone number, and company information to subscribe for the 60- day free trial and start using Constant Contact; no payment information is warranted. Once you result in your account, you can incontinently begin preparing your first note push by clicking the ” Result a note ” option.

Next, you import your wells, trademark, brand colors, and social lives from your website. From there, you can choose a note template that relaxed suits your requisites, similar to a newsletter or a product release. Once you are happy with the note, you are ready to rear your note list and transport your first dispatch. The entire process, from sign-up to transport, can take as little as 10 twinklings. This is important for small business proprietors, especially those who wear numerous lids and might not have hours upon hours to result in note marketing pushes.
At the end of your trial period, you have the option to enter your credit card information and autograph up for one of Constant Contact’s paid plans.

Customer Support

Constant Contact offers multiplex pockets to help its patrons achieve success with their memo movements. The platform’s wide knowledge base and vids are great for personality- service, but if you need a one-on-one helping hand, you can reach out to a Constant Contact representative via live discussion or phone. The company also provides free webinars and blog pockets for druggie education.

You can reach Constant Contact by phone Monday through Saturday, with varying hours depending on the department, or by live discussion Monday through Friday. When we reached out to Constant Contact to test its support, the representative was friendly and helpful and answered all of our questions.


One handicap is that Constant Contact doesn’t offer a free plan like multitudinous of its corrivals do. While it does have a 60- day free trial, some small businesses with rudimental memorandum marketing needs and small contact lists may find it more cost-effective to subscribe for a free- continually plan with another provider. However, Benchmark might be a better option, If a free plan is what you need. You can learn more in our full review of Benchmark.

Another negative is Constant Contact’s A/ B testing quality, which is limited to memorandum subject lines. Other memorandum marketing platforms allow you to test other principles, like images and layouts, giving you better sapience into your memorandum movements’ effectiveness.

What Is Email Marketing?

Mail marketing is a considerably effective direct marketing strategy that allows businesses to pack targeted emails, communicate directly with clients and enhance brand engagement. The top mail marketing platforms allow you to cause visually engaging emails, erect and part contact lists, and track subscriber bearing to see which causes are the most effective.


To identify the Sunday airmail marketing services, first, we anthologized a list of popular platforms grounded on online delving. We precisely examined each service’s online character and narrowed down our list to some finalists. We spent several weeks delving into each airmail marketing service by delving its immolations, watching tutorials and how-to tapes, testing the software (when possible), and reading addict reviews. We also appraised each service’s pricing structure and account support. When cherry-picking our pick for the Sunday airmail marketing service for small businesses, we considered the features that would be most important to small businesses with modest airmail marketing budgets.

Constant Contact FAQs

What’s Constant Contact used for?

Constant Contact is an online marketing service that’s known primarily for its memo marketing software. The company is geared toward helping small businesses piece their online presence through creating a website, operating social media, and launching memo juggernauts.

How much does Constant Contact cost recurrent?

Constant Contact starts at just$ 20 per month. Prices vary depending on businesses’ number of connections. There are also reductions for unreserved payments.

Can you use Constant Contact as a punter relationship supervision (CRM CRM) system?

No, Constant Contact isn’t a CRM system. Notwithstanding, it can integrate with a CRM system to streamline processes. However, Freshworks CRM might be a good option for you, If you’re looking for a CRM system that has fabricated-in postcard marketing software. You can learn more in our review of Freshworks CRM.


We recommend Constant Contact for :

  • Small and midsize businesses that are looking for affordable email marketing software.
  • Businesses that want to experiment with a risk-free email marketing service.
  • Businesses that want to integrate their email marketing with other e-commerce or social media platforms.

We don’t recommend Constant Contact for :

  • Businesses with many email contacts (over 50,000).
  • Companies that are looking to use highly customized templates.
  • Businesses looking for a completely free plan

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