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GetResponse Review


$15.00 /MONTH

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

GetResponse is an email marketing platform. It enables you to make a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so you’ll develop relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base. it’s the deliverability rate of 99.5%, to form sure your messages reach destination inboxes.

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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing app that permits you to:

  • Create mailing and capture data onto it
  • Send emails to the subscribers on your list
  • Automate your emails to subscribers via use of ‘autoresponders’
  • View and analyse statistics associated with your email campaigns – open rate, click through, forwards etc.

Who is GetResponse for?

This email marketing solution guides you thru each step of making an email campaign, which makes it suitable for everybody , from novices to power users. because it takes a short time to customize and familiarize yourself with all the features, this software is merely suitable for people that want to spend a big amount of your time creating email campaigns.

GetResponse features

GetResponse isn’t just an email marketing solution. It also includes webinar marketing, CRM, social media marketing, and lead generation and e-commerce functionality.

For the aim of this review, we are solely that specialize in the most email marketing components.

.1 Email creation

GetResponse walks you thru the method of making an email, including all options in one screen so you’ll see the tasks you would like to finish. This includes adding the:

  • Subject line
  • List of recipients
  • Design and content

To create an email, you’ll import your own template, start from scratch, or use one among the built-in templates (below). There are many templates arranged by industry.

There are plenty of customization options for every template, and therefore the ability to feature personalized product recommendations makes GetResponse stand out as a useful gizmo for e-commerce promotional emails or newsletters.

GetResponse also includes templates to assist you build your landing pages and forms for your website.

You can test how these emails will appear in several email inboxes and on mobile devices, also as sending yourself a preview email.

This testing functionality even extends to sending times. GetResponse’s Perfect Timing feature delivers emails consistent with once they are presumably to be read and acted upon supported customers’ past behavior. and therefore the creatively named Time Travel option delivers emails within the recipient’s zone , which is vital if you’ve got customers from across the world.

.2 Advanced A/B testing

The more elements of your email campaigns you test, the more data you get, and therefore the more insight you’ve got to assist you improve. That’s why GetResponse’s big variety of options for A/B testing mean you’ll keep optimizing your campaigns to assist meet your goals.

You can test up to 5 options for your subject line, plus you’ll decide which percentage of recipients should receive each option and choose whether the winning email should be supported clicks or opens.

.3 Super specific segmentation options

GetResponse allows you to make granular segments from your customer lists. The attributes you’ll use to make a segment include:

  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Customer engagement
  • Date of subscription or last time you sent a message
  • A customer’s last action
  • Custom information specific to your business

GetResponse’s specific segmentation capabilities are complemented by its advanced contact management functionality. this enables you to make segments in one click from search results, consistent with criteria like subscription source, contact type, and get in touch with status. you’ll also move contacts from list to list (or duplicate them into a secondary segment).

You can even prefer to exclude certain contacts; for instance , if they need an open support ticket, you’ll choose to not send them any longer emails until the difficulty is resolved.

GetResponse has dynamic segmentation options, meaning it automatically moves contacts in and out of segments supported when your recipients start and stop meeting the standards.

.4 Automations

Since GetResponse may be a full marketing automation and email marketing solution, you’ll attract all of this information to create automated workflows.

To get started, you’ll use one among GetResponse’s built-in automation templates to make email sequences for purposes like winning back customers or cleaning your email list.

The automation editor allows you to customize each template or build your own from scratch by dragging and dropping different conditions into the workflow. This includes:

  • Clicking links
  • Signing up to lists
  • Visiting landing pages
  • Opening messages

The process can seem complicated and confusing initially , but GetResponse provides instructions to steer you thru it.

Benefits of GetResponse

GetResponse may be a very powerful marketing tool. Using GetResponse, you’ll create specific customer segments that allow you to send highly targeted emails to the proper group of contacts at the proper time.

Its autoresponder functionality allows you to create relevant content during a way that best engages customers. this is often perfectly complemented by its personalization capabilities that make customers desire they’re being treated as individuals, not just variety on an inventory.

GetResponse’s support

GetReponse has excellent support options and — importantly — you’ll get help at any time of the day or night.

.1 Live chat 24/7

If you’ve only got a fast question, you normally don’t want to possess to phone someone or fill out a form and await a solution . That’s why live chat is such a useful gizmo for software support. GetResponse provides 24/7 live chat support. And it’s not just a chatbot, you’ll ask a true human who can solve more complicated problems.

.2 Help Center

While live chat is that the main support option on offer, a fast click of the interrogation point button on the homepage takes you to the extra help options. you’ll choose to:

  • Fill out a fast form to email GetResponse
  • Search material within the Help Center

There is no obvious thanks to phone GetResponse, although you are doing get a fanatical account manager if you select the Enterprise plan.

Aside from video tours, the assistance Center, and every one the customer support options, you’ll also register for live webinars with members of the GetResponse teams where you’ll ask all of your burning questions.

Then there are the courses. These online training materials don’t just assist you get the foremost out of GetResponse, they also assist you improve your overall marketing skills. Current course titles include:

  • Email Marketing 101 for Bloggers
  • List Building Course
  • Essential Landing Page Course

GetResponse pricing

GetResponse doesn’t provide a free plan, but it does offer a 30-day free trial.

GetResponse offers three main plans:

  • Basic, from $15 per month
  • Plus, from $49 per month
  • Professional, from $99 per month

Plan prices vary consistent with the amount of contacts you’ve got , with the most cost effective tier capped at 1,000 contacts. you’ll prefer to pay per month, get 18% off a 12-month plan, or 30% off a 24-month plan. Nonprofits can apply for a 50% discount.

There is also what’s called a Max plan for enterprises, which comes with customized pricing consistent with your business needs.

GetReponse’s Basic plan is great value for the cash and includes an entire host of advanced features like segmentation, personalization, and Facebook ads. the sole major feature that isn’t available within the Basic plan is that the ability to make automated strings of emails, referred to as autoresponders.

The Plus and Professional plans also include CRM, webinar, and funnel-building sales management capabilities.

GetResponse’s ease of use

Normally, the more features a bit of software has, the longer it’ll take you to urge up to hurry with how it works. this could be very true for GetResponse because it’s not just an email marketing software, but it also has e-commerce, CRM, and lead generation and management features.

However, GetResponse is that the exception. With its modern, sleek interface , navigating round the solution is straightforward , and it gives you confidence it can deliver what you would like to make compelling campaigns.

The Quick Actions menu helps you jump to commonly used tasks and features, while the power to customize the interface means you’ll design the user experience during a way that most closely fits how you employ the answer.

The top right-hand Menu button contains all functionality arranged into sections like automations and landing pages. this is often constantly visible and helps you to navigate around quickly and simply.

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