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SendinBlue Review


$25.00 /MONTH

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Sendinblue is that the best all-in-one tool for little Businesses : Marketing Automation, Email Campaigns, Transactional Emails and SMS. you’ll easily increase your sales and nurture your contacts using target workflows and our scoring feature. It only takes 5 min to implement your Welcome Email or Abandoned Cart Workflows. we provide many plugins like WordPress, Magento, Salesforce and Woocommerce. Send 9,000 emails / month for free of charge , and up to 10,000 emails for less than $25/month.

Price Is Amazing
Ease Of Use
Very Easy To Get Started
Support Is Good

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What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is that the best all-in-one tool for little Businesses : Marketing Automation, Email Campaigns, Transactional Emails and SMS. you’ll easily increase your sales and nurture your contacts using target workflows and our scoring feature. It only takes 5 min to implement your Welcome Email or Abandoned Cart Workflows. we provide many plugins like WordPress, Magento, Salesforce and Woocommerce. Send 9,000 emails / month for free of charge , and up to 10,000 emails for less than $25/month.

Sendinblue features

Let’s kick this Sendinblue review off by looking at the key modules offered by this tool:

  • Email marketing campaigns and broadcasts
  • Email designer
  • Sign-up forms
  • Contact management
  • Email marketing automation
  • Transactional emails and SMS
  • Deliverability
  • Integrations
  • Customer Support

Let’s start with the first module, the thing you’re probably interested in the most – sending out email marketing campaigns / broadcasts.

.1 Email marketing campaigns and broadcasts

Sendinblue offers all that you’d expect here – you’ll create an email blast and send it to your list of contacts. There’s an easy-to-use visual interface / email builder that creates creating your messages tons more straightforward.

It works with drag and drop and has some ready-made blocks for all the foremost common sorts of content that folks send via email. The result’s also fully mobile compatible.

Plus, if you’re feeling confident, you’ll import your email template in raw HTML form. I won’t be doing that during this Sendinblue review, though.

As you’d expect, there’s also an entire separate section for contact management. you’ll group your contacts into lists, segment those lists, edit single contacts, see stats on how engaged someone is together with your newsletters, etc.

Next, in come the Email desinger feature. this is often a significant benefit since automation isn’t a typical capability among the opposite tools within the market.

.2 Email designer

The email designer may be a tool created to assist you create beautiful and professional-looking emails. The tool resembles the sign-up forms. It comes with a haul and drop editor. you’ll build emails from scratch, use a pre-built template, or edit a template however you would like to. There are over 60 email templates within the Sendinblue template library. All templates are responsive and prepared to be used right out of the box.

Adding blocks, text, and customizing the design is hassle-free. Email designer also has support for automatic content personalization to assist you email stick call at the recipient inbox. you’ll add your contact’s name.

Once you get comfortable with the Sendinblue email designer, you’ll also use advanced personalization settings. The tool allows you to line conditions and use different dynamic content for every of your contact segments.

.3 Sign-up forms

To become more efficient in email marketing, you would like to grow your contact list. That’s where sign-up forms are available . However, people with no background in coding find it very hard to form and publish sign-up forms.

Sendinblue tackles this challenge with great success. The sign-up form may be a feature that permits you to make beautiful and interesting forms and publish them on your website.

I found creating a form very easy. Sendinblue comes with a haul and drop form builder, so you’ll create any form that you simply like without writing one line of code. you’ll take a fast check out the Sendinblue form builder on the image below.

All it takes to add/delete fields, customize text, add radio buttons, and dropdown lists, may be a simple click. Once you’re through with building your form, you’ll get a piece of code to copy/paste on your website.

I personally loved the power to feature extra radio buttons. It helped me enable the contacts to opt-in to receive differing types of emails to suits the newest GDPR regulations.

.4 Contact management

I had no trouble creating a contact list within Sendinblue. Managing contacts is straightforward and streamlined. Something I found really cool is that when I created my account, Sendinblue asked me to verify that each one my contacts have opted in.

Sendinblue wants to form sure that each one of its users stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act, which I personally find very responsible. the corporate features a very strict anti-spam policy.

There are 3 ways to import your contact list into Sendinblue:

  • Import from .CSV or .TXT files
  • Copy and paste from your list
  • Enter contact information manually

Adding new fields and changing attributes and field types is additionally easy. My contact table outline included an email address, name, birthday, and gender. you’ll easily add other fields like the date contact was added to the list and whether the contact opened an email or not.

Furthermore, you’ll manage contacts by enabling automatic triggers and segmentation. The practice can assist you personalize your email marketing and set it for fulfillment.

.5 Email marketing automation

Many people stand back from the e-mail marketing automation tools because they fear the technicality of getting to create their own workflows. i used to be one among those people. And, yes, Sendinblue supports custom workflows. However, it comes with several basic workflows that you simply can use out of the box, including:

  • Welcome message
  • Birthday message
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Page Visit
  • Website Visit
  • Product Purchase
  • Activity-based templates

Using pre-built automation templates is straightforward even for absolute beginners. All you’ve got to try to to is choose a template, decide which contacts to feature thereto , and you’re set. That’s where contact filters are available really handy.

You can add contacts to workflows by specific criteria like age, time spent on an internet site , geographic location, and so on. The pre-built templates aren’t set in stone. you’ll edit them once you are feeling more confident with using Sendinblue.

If you’re a more advanced user, you’ll love creating your custom workflows. Setting these ones isn’t rocket science. The workflow setup starts with the choice of a file type. File types range from all contact files and contacts who have completed specific activity to contacts who have opened an email to those that visited your website.

You set these conditions within the workflow editor by simply clicking a “+” icon and selecting a condition. At the beginning , it’s going to appear complex, but after some practice, you’ll become a workflow wizard.

There is also a really convenient RSS automation that you simply can use to base your campaigns on your content marketing. I found this feature extremely useful. I’m definitely getting to use it to send content updates to my subscribers.

Integrating your RSS feed Sendinblue is as easy as copy/pasting the RSS feed link into Configure RSS Feed window.

The best thing about it’s that you simply don’t got to manually design emails. The platform comes with an RSS default template you’ll edit as you please.

It’s an excellent thanks to get obviate a couple of manual tasks and keep things automated. you’ll even select which contacts in your list will receive email updates supported RSS feed.

RSS feed campaigns allow you to send a replacement email as soon because the RSS feed picks up your new content. You get to settle on how frequently Sendinblue checks your site’s RSS feed. you’ll schedule email campaigns on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to deliver those catchy weekly and monthly digests.

.6 Transactional emails and SMS

Order confirmations, account notifications, password reset emails — these are all transactional email examples. Often overlooked, transactional email is significant to maintaining customer relationships and driving repeat business.

Picture this: you purchase a fresh laptop for $2000.00, but receive nothing in your inbox. No order confirmation, no payment receipt — just crickets.

Panic sets in. you begin to wonder if you’ve been scammed. That’s the last time I’m buying from them, you tell yourself.

This kind of unpleasant situation highlights the importance of transactional email.

Because even minor errors or delays together with your transactional emails can cause a huge loss of trust among your customers, potentially making them not want to return back.

The Sendinblue email marketing platform is additionally a viable option if you would like to base your campaigns on transactional emails. There are four alternative ways for you to line up transactional email triggers and delight your customers or followers with notification emails.

The easy to use ones are eCommerce plugins and marketing automation workflow conditions. Those reserved for more advanced users include SMTP Relay and API. All of them work perfectly. I tested them to send password reset messages and order confirmation emails and had no problems setting them up.

All the features we went through thus far are available for transactional emails. you’ll use transactional email templates to kick starter your campaign or create one from scratch, because of a haul and drop editor. Dynamic content is additionally available, enabling you to personalize your transactional emails.

Sendinblue comes with webhook support, meaning that you simply can create a totally custom trigger to send transactional emails. you’ll do that on your website or use webhooks with another tool to trigger transactional email send.

You can monitor the performance of your transactional emails via reports like the other email sent through the Sendinblue SMTP infrastructure.

7. Deliverability

When choosing an email marketing platform, one among the foremost important factors to think about is deliverability. Deliverability stands for the ratio of sent emails and emails that really reach the target inbox. It also encompasses the time it takes for an email marketing platform to deliver bulk emails. In other words, deliverability is that the speed and reliability of the e-mail marketing platform.

Sendinblue may be a reputable company with a state-of-the-art SMTP infrastructure. there’s a fanatical team of IT and email deliverability experts constantly performing on improving the speed and reliability of Sendinblue SMTP infrastructure.

In any case, you’ll always assess the deliverability via reports, and you’ll roll in the hay in real-time despite the scope of your email marketing campaign or the length of your contact list.

8. Integrations

As you would possibly already know, marketers solely use only one tool. In my opinion, a marketing software solution has got to be versatile in terms of integrations—the more, the merrier. Currently, Sendinblue supports 50 integrations with tools that are commonly found in marketers’ toolbox. 

The App Center and Integration Page are simple and straightforward to use. The dashboard allows you to browse supported integrations and initiate the one you would like .

Sendinblue are often used hand in hand with forms/lead generation, event management, eCommerce, development, CRM, CMS, and analytic tools. 

I found integrations to be easy and really useful. as an example , there’s a fanatical WordPress plugin to assist you design and send emails from the WP admin panel. The Sendinblue plugins are available for WordPress, Jimdo, and Wix.

There is even an open application programming interface (API) that you simply can use to integrate Sendinblue with whatever solution your company is using. I personally didn’t roll in the hay because it requires knowledge in software development. 

Facebook Ads campaign integration with Sendinblue works seamlessly, and you’ll use it to focus on specific user segments and send personalized emails. 

Other noteworthy integrations within the eCommerce domain include support for WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

.9 Customer Support

Sendinblue has an in depth customer support network. The platform features a useful help center you’ll use to travel from zero to hero – you’ll find everything which may interest you regarding Sendinblue’s functionality right there. It comes with many resources to shorten and smooth the onboarding process for absolute beginners.

The topics are conveniently put in relevant categories starting from the way to found out an account and launch an email campaign to the way to manage contacts and automate your marketing. there’s also an enquiry feature to quickly find the subject you’re curious about .

If the web support resources can’t assist you to resolve your issue, you’ve got several options:

  • Create a ticket
  • Contact the support team via an internet form
  • Call a toll-free support number

There is one catch, though. Phone support becomes available just for users with Essential accounts.

Sendinblue pricing

This is probably the section of our Sendinblue review that you’re the foremost curious about . Here are the costs and therefore the numbers of emails you’ll forward each plan:

First off, as you’ll see, Sendinblue charges “per email sent” and not per the dimensions of your contact list.

In other words, regardless of if your list is 100 people or 1,000,000, Sendinblue doesn’t charge you additional for that.

Another important point; there’s a free plan! The cap of 300 emails / day translates to 9,000 / month. (Email automation up to 2,000 contacts.)

Reasonably, if you’re just starting out and your list is between 100 and 500 people then this free plan could be all you would like .

(If you would like to send SMS, those are more of a pay-as-you-go deal. for instance , sending 100 SMS within the US is $1.34. Sending 200 is $2.68, and so on. Sending to other countries has different rates.)

Sendinblue‘s ease of use

Sendinblue is packed filled with features, but it’s well-organized menus, helpful tips, step-by-step guides, and customizable interface mean it never feels overwhelming or confusing.

One of the problems many email marketers face when fixing a replacement solution is that the question of “where do I start?” Sendinblue provides a handy checklist of actions you’ll fancy rise up and running.

Sendinblue displays the steps you’re taking to finish each task — like creating an email campaign — during a horizontal navigation so you’ll see your progress and obtain a thought of how long it’ll fancy complete all .

Less common features have an issue mark beside them, which, when hovered over together with your mouse, explains what all does. this is often especially useful for novice marketers who aren’t conversant in email marketing concepts.

Customizable user interface

Sendinblue features a fully customizable main navigation. you’ll add the foremost relevant features and apps for your business and set others to “off” if you’re not using them. This helps streamline the interface , ensuring you’ll quickly access features you commonly use without slowing down the in-app experience. you’ll change the organization of the interface at any time, supplying you with complete flexibility in how you employ the software.

For certain add-ons and more advanced features, Sendinblue helps you rise up and running and understand how the functionality works by providing one-sentence explanations.

For more complex features, Sendinblue sends in-app messages that provide resources to assist you start , also as offer support if you’ve got any questions. this is often a useful way of collating all the resources on the topic while not disturbing your workflow or taking you faraway from the task at hand.

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